Asva The Monkey

An adorable, and addicting puzzler game for iPhone and iPad. Help out Asva to solve puzzle to get him back home.

4.8 stars on Google Play

Asva The MonkeyGoogle Play4.8

“Asva is extremely addicting and might get you hooked on the first try.”
AppCraver Review

Over 90 Levels of Puzzle to solve

In story mode, you are the hero of Asva, the little lazy monkey. You job is to help Asva get back home after he got trapped in a mysterious worlds. With 6 magical worlds and over 90 levels of puzzles, you must think clearly before you act to be able to help Asva solve those puzzle and get him back home.

Three Game Modes

You can choose to play in Story Mode, Endless Mode, or Survival Mode, which in each mode gives different and more challenges. To know the story how it begins and help solve everything to see how it’s going to end, start with Story Mode. Once you have solve all the puzzles in story mode, level up your puzzle solving ability with Endless and Survival Mode, which will give you never-ending levels. Test out how tough you’re in these game mode.

Use Magical Items

With the magical items will help you out a lot in solving those puzzles. There’s Undo, which gives you the ability to turn back one step when you going too fast. Sometime, one undo can solve you the puzzle. Or if you don’t know where to start from the beginning, using Dash will help you jump start the game with 5 correct steps. After that you’re on your own. There will be time that you will be just stuck there, so you can use Flash, which is the best magical item that show you the way to solve the puzzle you’re in.

Easy to Pick Up, Hard to Put Down

Be warned that Asva The Monkey HD is rated as extremely addictive game. There’s only a few quick and easy rules to pick up. But once you got it, it would be not an easy tasks to put it back down. Using simple swipe to move control and simple rule, you’ll get to enjoy with Asva in no time. And together with beautiful matte painting graphics, adorable character, and nice relaxing music mixed with Cambodian’s traditional instrument, it’s just a great ingredient for a truly addictive fun game for everyone.


Beautiful graphics, addictive gameplay


Asva The Monkey HD is an adorable logic-puzzler.



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