Kids Story By Pari #2

Free story books with fun pictures, text & audio for your kids best suited for kids between 3 to 7 years.

4.4 stars on Google Play

Kids Story By Pari #2Google Play4.4

Free books that read itself to your little ones! The books include text and audio. Kids can enjoy these books on their own or you can read to them.

Best Bedtime story

Everybody must have heard a story of mischief rabbit and a clever tortoise. Pari will tell you a same story as this story depict a very meaningful essence to life. It teaches you never be over confident of your talent, as over confidence will always let you down and will become the scene of mortification someday. Whereas confidently, slow and steady one can win the race. Just put an effort and hardwork, and destiny is achievable.”

Cool features of the Recharge Digital

* “Read to me” which when enabled reads books to kids
* “Auto Play” which when enabled automatically turns the pages
* Amazing Voice over with mimicry for some languages.
* User interface designed for little fingers and inquisitive minds

Relationship building between parents and children

Bedtime stories are the best way through which you can form a strong bond with your children while teaching them morals and manners through these stories. Most children love stories during bedtime.
Our application focuses on building a strong bond between parents and children by providing wonderful stories, making children feel loved and uplifting their moral and creating their interest in education.


Very impressive story for my kids! They like it very much.

John Doe

My Kid like to listen is several time before sleeping. Great app!

Richard Miles

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